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Coating Services
With our excellent coating services, we help you get superior protection and performance for your parts. We provide effective coatings based on your production requirements and operating environment. Also, we use advanced application technology and finest inputs to create optimal coating works. We meet perfect finish and performance for your components.
Industrial Coatings
We provide industrial coatings that ensure superior performance, long life and cost effectiveness for your unique application. Our coatings best meet your needs, and achieved as per the specifications & operational environment. The coatings protect your facilities or products from corrosion etc. Also, we can create coatings for your specific demands.
3LPE Coating
3LPE Coating is a multilayer coating, which includes external coat of polyethylene, fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) primer and copolymer adhesive. The named functional components give toughness, durability and protection to all surfaces. The coating is applied for attaining resistance against, rust, chemicals and cathodic disbondment.
HALAR Coating
The HALAR Coating is mainly done on the cables so as to make it suited for use in the industries of microelectronics as well as telecommunications. It has high resistance against friction, stress and wearing. 
FBE Coating
The FBE Coating is mainly useful for rebar coating and provides protection from various types of wearing effects. The coating ensures resistance against moisture as well as corrosive chemicals. Its application on the preheated steel gives it a uniform coating thickness.
PTFE Coating
PTFE Coating is needed to improve the production process. This coating has non-stick properties and thus is used over the commercial bake ware so as to give them an excellent non-stick finishing. The release properties allow for not just simple cooking but also an easy cleaning.

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