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Industrial Coatings

Operational from Gujarat, India, we are offering industrial coatings that are proven and functional. We serve for many different industries, and meet your particular application. With extensive knowledge, automation and expertise, we provide you with coating uniformity, repeatability, high-volume production and timely delivery. Today, we are working with areas like Food Processing, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Machinery, and more. Also, we are supported by the latest technology and industry professionals. This helps us ensure superior results with cost-effectiveness. We are known for industrial performance coatings, and for creating custom blends depending on client's specifications.

Features & Benefits:

1) Meet industrial performance and cost requirements.
2) Uniformity, high volume and  high qualities. 
3) Multifunctional and cost-effective coatings.  
4) Superior abrasion, nonstick, performance and temperature characteristics.
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Defence Coatings

These Defence Coating is highly demanded in aerospace and military applications for protecting the components against corrosion and wear. This coating is specially formulated from different polymers, which can withstand the most demanding working conditions.

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Automobile Coating

Automobile Coating is applied on metal body, engine and other spare parts in order to provide optimal resistivity against corrosion & abrasion. This coating also locks the shininess and enhances the service life for a longer period of time. The coating is ideal for various automotive components such as exhaust gaskets, steering column components, brake clips, transmission washer, sliding doors, gas filler tubes and seat rails and safety belt buckles.

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Water And Waste Water Coatings

As the wastewater treatment plants are readily exposed to a plenty of impurity and chemicals. The water and waste water coating is applied on the surface of the concrete structures for protection against corrosion due to the chemical reactions.

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Chemical Coatings Services

The chemical coating services are utilized by various clients for protecting the chemical processing equipment and machines from corrosion and highly aggressive conditions. It is best known for its maximum working temperature.

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Textile Coatings

Textile coating is the process in which, polymeric layer is applied directly on one or both side of the fabric for enhancing the quality as well as functional performance properties of the textile. In addition, it also enables hassle free work on automatic machines. These coatings have excellent working temperature and is compatible virtually with any kind of fabric rolling on the cylinder or guide roll.

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Food & Bakery Coatings

Food & Bakery Coatings is a FDA regulated PTFE coating that is applied on various bake wares for non sticky and no corrosive properties. This coating does not allow oil or fat residues stick on the utensils, thus results in easy process.

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Power and Energy Coating

This Power and Energy Coating is used in power generation industry for coating the surface of gas turbines, power generators and other equipment that are exposed to the rigorous downtime, corrosive and harsh environments. This coating enhances the service life of the equipment thus reducing any kind of replacement cost.

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Offshore Coatings

Offshore coating is a high density polyethylene and polypropylene coating system that is applied on cranes, concrete structures and other equipment for low water permeation and also to provide improved surface isolation from sea water. This coating can be easily applied and do not wear off.