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Industrial Coatings

Operational from Gujarat, India, we are offering industrial coatings that are proven and functional. We serve for many different industries, and meet your particular application. With extensive knowledge, automation and expertise, we provide you with coating uniformity, repeatability, high-volume production and timely delivery. Today, we are working with areas like Food Processing, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Machinery, and more. Also, we are supported by the latest technology and industry professionals. This helps us ensure superior results with cost-effectiveness. We are known for industrial performance coatings, and for creating custom blends depending on client's specifications.

Features & Benefits:

1) Meet industrial performance and cost requirements.
2) Uniformity, high volume and  high qualities. 
3) Multifunctional and cost-effective coatings.  
4) Superior abrasion, nonstick, performance and temperature characteristics.

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